Getting Into Service

- Service roles are assigned weekly on Sunday nights.
- This web site home page displays the next 2 days and links to the full week.
- Please tell Elizabeth days you are available, and if there are any changes to your availability.
- NOTE: We try to give people chances to perform different roles so please check each week.
- Some jobs have requirements of sobriety time and a laptop.
- Check the Whatsapp group daily, and if you can’t fulfill a role, post in the Whatsapp group, so that another person can fill in.

At the Meeting

- It is suggested that people in service arrive 15 minutes early.
- Security, Chat and Greeters arrive earlier.
- If you are in a cohosted role, let Security know.
- Let someone know if you cannot arrive early.
- As people arrive to the meeting, let the Greeters welcome people.
- Do not discuss service and try to help minimize chatter that overrides the greeting.
- Discuss service issues in chat, or before people start arriving.
- All Cohosts watch screens.
- If something is questionable, turn off video and alert Security in chat.
- If it is objectionable, Remove and Report and alert Security in chat.
- Per GC, home group members may be cohosted for muting/unmuting or breakout room purposes AT THE DISCRETION OF THE SECURITY TEAM.
*** If you have taken a drink and you are scheduled for service, please let someone know you cannot perform service that day.

Service Roles

1. Security (2)
- Requires training.
- 90 days sober.
- Must have laptop.
- Arrive 30 min before the meeting.
- One opens the meeting and acts as Host and Cohosts others.
- 2 Roles: One is Admitter, the other is Chair Support and you work that out before the meeting who does what.
- Chair Support ask chair if they want to do their own unmuting, remuting or lower hands and watches screen 1.

2. Chairperson/Secretary
- 6 months sober.
- Must have laptop.
- Uses chairperson script.
- Arrive early to get cohosted and let Security – Chair Support know if you want them to unmute, remute or lower hands of participants.
- To schedule speakers, first check the calendar linked from the Resources page to make sure the dates are empty.

3. Chat Host
- 90 days sober.
- Must have laptop.
- Arrive at least 15 minutes before the meeting to begin pasting chat.
- Works from a chat script and copies and pastes.
- Also receives inquiries during the meeting.

4. Timekeeper
- Arrive at least 15 minutes early to be cohosted.
- Tells main speaker when they have 2 min left of 15 minute talk, and open shares when they have 30 seconds left of 2 minute share.

5. Readers
- No sobriety requirement.
- Please arrive a little early so the Chairperson knows you are there, or let someone know if you can’t arrive early.
- Preamble – Read the AA Preamble which is a copyrighted publication available at here It is also pasted into chat.
- Tenth Step Promises – At the end of the meeting, you will be unmuted. Read from the Big Book, bottom of page 84 “And we have ceased fighting” to p 85 bottom 1st paragraph “fit spiritual condition”. The reading is also available on the BB Readings page.
- BB Reading – Only 2 day have set readings; on other days, ask the Chairperson what reading they want. Monday How It Works p 58-60 is read. Friday is p 30. All readings can be found here: BB Readings so you know where to start and stop.

6. Greeters (3)
- No sobriety requirement.
- Arrive 20-25 minutes early.
- Let someone know in the Whatsapp group if you cannot perform your role.

7. Service Alternates
- If you are available for service, keep an eye on the Whatsapp group each day to see if people can’t be in service and speak up.


How do we add people to the Home Group?
Invite people to attend a few times to decide if they want to make NKIS their home group. The new person must get Whatsapp app. Then post in the Service Group Whatsapp the person’s name and number.

Is there a social Whatsapp Group for the meeting?
No, not officially. It was voted down by the HG in January. Two groups have been started by home group members and links are posted regularly in the Service whatsapp.

What if I want to schedule a speaker?
The Chair Rota is linked from the Resources page. Ask the Secretary for that day if they mind you scheduling their day and offer your speaker some date options.
If you schedule the speaker, you must check with them within 24 hours of the meeting to remind them.

Any other questions, ask in the Whatsapp Group.